Claim Listing

To Renew your Chamber Membership and register for your street fair space, you will need to claim your business listing.

We moved the registration and payment process on line to make it easier for business owners to have more control over listing information and reviews in the future.

There is also a video walk-through of how to claim a listing and how to add a new listing.

1.SEARCH FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Go to the Shop 7th Ave Directory. Using the search bar or filters, type in the name of your business and select from the displayed results. Please note: only if you were a prior member of the Park Slope Chamber will your business already have a listing. If you are new to 7th avenue or have never been a Park Slope Chamber member before, you will need to add a new listing.

2. CLAIM LISTING. After you have selected your business, it will open to a full page listing all the details currently available. Just under the business name will be 3 buttons, one of which will say “claim listing”. Click this button.

3. MEMBERSHIP PLAN. This will bring you to the membership plans page where you select which plan correctly reflects your type of business.

4. ACCOUNT INFO. The next page will request further information about the owner and account manager and details needed for the street fair operations. This information is private and not shared publicly.

5. CREATE USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Create a new username and password that will be used later to login and edit your listing information, billing information, change membership plans, etc.

6. PAYMENT. Follow the payment prompts to fill in billing info and to select extra outdoor space if required. Complete the transaction via PayPal (you can also checkout via PayPal using debit, credit cards or direct bank transfer).

7. CONFIRMATION. You will receive an order receipt for your payment and within 24 hours will be able to access your listing to add website info, detailed descriptions, business hours and more.

Did you know? Event Listings are included with Membership!

If you have any upcoming events that you would like to have listed on the Park Slope Chamber website, please send a brief description, date and 1 image to: