Bar Louise

Detailed Information

Bar Louise is a dreamy new spot to unwind and drink fancy cocktails, sip natural wines, and share delicious small bites with friends.

It’s the newest venture from Allison Arevalo, founder of Pasta Louise restaurant and cafe in Park Slope. An extension of the lauded bar program she’s spent the past few years establishing at her family-friendly homemade pasta joint, Bar Louise focuses more deeply on serving the adults of the neighborhood — bringing expertly crafted cocktails, wine, and a tightly curated menu to 7th Avenue.

The influence of Allison’s grandmother Louise (who originally inspired her passion for hospitality) permeates the space. An homage to our namesake, every detail — from decor to drinks — is meticulously crafted with a unique blend of nostalgic charm and timeless sophistication. Whether it’s happy hour with coworkers, a romantic pre-dinner cocktail or for celebrating a big night out, we’re excited to welcome you to the next chapter of Louise’s legacy.